Sunday, December 27, 2009


When level sync was released, AB was invented.
It's a very simple way to level which gives you tons
of exp and no skill ups.

This then give us level 75 people with the skills of
a level 20...

Then again it's great for merits, so leveling your
summoner to 75 so you can AB your merits isn't
a bad choice.

So the other day my friend Trogdar was in this AB
burning his summoner to 75.

Then this Mithra Chiandra starts doing /slap and
/disgusted emotes towards him.

So I of course have to know whats up!

Luckyseven: Why are you harrassing Trogdar?
Chiandra: Cause he ABs smn!
Luckyseven: well.. why not level lolsmn to 75 in a week
or 2 instead of spending countless months in weak summoner
Chiandra: Leveling smn takes skill, you have no idea how
many smns ive met lately that doesnt even know how to
carby pull.
Luckyseven: well he is leveling it for merits, why would he care?
it's not like smn is any awesome job
Chiandra: Then why can i solo many things others cant?
Luckyseven: Like what? tell me one thing you can solo that
his RDM cant..
Chiandra: ...
Luckyseven: thats what i thought, and besides AB is a great
way to get Maat's cap.
Chiandra: Maat's cap is a priveliege and an honor, these guys are

thats when i got like: WTF?!?
I know some people take this game seriously, but come on.
A priveliege? getting Maat's cap any other way might take a
year or more.
Thats alot of time you could have spent on doing something fun,
and not party day and nightly and ever so rightly.
Give me a break, this broad is whack.

Now of course if you think im wrong, go ahead and correct me,
but if i can get something done in matter of months and not years...
Hell call me a cheater I dont care..

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