Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Smithy

I started smithing many many years ago, but I never really finished.

This weekend I decided to do something about it!

Someone in my linkshell also told there's this thing called a Smithy's Torque, so I of course spent my weekend at the cauldron farming those chests :P

Now there's the whole crafting thing.
Earlier the problem with powercrafting for me was getting the gils.
This time around though, seeing as gil comes easy to everyone, my problem was buying materials.

The auction house just simply doesn't have enough mats. Not when everyone and their mother wants to level Smithing at the same time to produce those ever so wanted Voodoo pieces.

Alas I managed to get enough mats, I pretty much scraped the AH of any materials I could get my dirty little hands on and I'm finally done!!

Now it's my turn to get some Voodoo pieces :P

If the AH could just stock up on some adaman..